Today is Author Appreciation Day!

What is an author?

An author is a published writer.

An author is also an artist. An artist of words. An author enriches people's lives, by painting pictures with words and personally taking the reader to new learning, new horizons, new worlds.

An author entertains and enlightens, providing information and insight. An author writes, and adds richness to the reader's life.

How much is that worth? It's priceless.

Today is Author Appreciation Day. Readers are encouraged to show their appreciation by way of donation. All donations are earmarked for writer stipends and financial support.

How much should you give? It's up to you. Some people appreciate authors very much and might give $100 ... $50 .. or $35. Others might give only $20. How much should you give? You decide.

Today is Author Appreciation Day. To make your donation choose an amount below and click on it...

contributions accepted via paypal only

$100 contribution

$75 contribution

$50 contribution

$35 contribution

$20 contribution

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for contributions of $50 or more you will receive a personalized Certificate of Literary Honor, suitable for framing.

Thank you for your support
of Author Appreciation Day